XC2® Software - FOG/Grease Management Software

FOG/Grease Interceptor Management Software
Fats, Oil and Grease Abatement Program Management

Greasy French Fries     Deep Fat Fryer
French Fries/Deep Fat Fryers - Major Contributors of Fats, Oil and Grease to Clogged Sewer Systems

XC2® FOG Management Software is the most thorough and complete administrative software for management of your grease abatement program.
  • Keep a handle on the grease going into your sanitary sewer system.
  • Schedule and manage FSE inspections.
  • Make sure that grease nterceptors are being maintained.
  • Prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) before they happen
  • Dramatically reduce costs overall for maintaining your sewer system
  • Track Sample Data and Surcharges for high grease generators
  • Maintain waste hauler information, permits, drivers, et al.

Features & Benefits:

Organize Facility Information Such As:

  • Contacts, Addresses, Phone & Fax numbers,
  • Type of Business, Number of Meals Served, and Hours of Operation,
  • Phone Call Notes
  • Written Notifications
Manage FOG Generator Data:
  • Type, Size, Grease Generated from Each piece of Equipment with Summations per Facility
  • Grease trap or Interceptor Type and Size
  • Cleaning, Inspection and Maintenance Schedules
  • Violations, Permits, Certificates, Insurances
  • Monitoring Locations - Sanitary Sewer Monitoring Points
Track Pumping Information Including History of Clean-Outs
  • Audit Trail of Waste Pumped and Disposed
  • Hauling and Disposal Companies
  • Vehicle Information, Size, Type
  • Certificates, Permits, Insurances
  • Personnel
Schedule and Track Inspections
  • Date, Time, Inspector
  • Sample Data, pH, Temperature
  • Biological and Visual Information and Comments
  • Grease Generating Equipment
Sending Pumping Due Notifications/Violation Notices
  • Automatically Track Compliance
  • Send Follow-up Notices on Time.
  • Send Notices to Generators for Pumping Notification
  • Send Notices to Haulers for Permit Renewals
  • Built-in Powerful Word Processor Allows you to easily Customize and Configure as many letters and notices as needed
  • Extensive query capabilities, customizable for each user
  • Create Outstanding Standard or Custom Reports Easily from any Look-up.
  • Export location and other information to your GIS System to locate likely contributors to blockage problems, plan inspection routes and visually see concentrations of violations.
Detail Information, but Easy to Read and Use. Consistency throughout
  • Our trademark elegant interface makes XC2 easy to read and use, while providing detailed information and tracking capabilities.
  • Consistent methods throughout the program make for fast learning.
  • Interface is identical in all of our modules. Learn to use one, all will be simple.
Digital Images/ Scanned Images and Document Storage
Optional feature (XC2Picts) allows capture and storage of multiple-images, scanned site maps, scanned correspondence, any other type of electronic document. Images held as part of data provides additional data security.
Keep Up to Date with Customer Addresses
Optional Feature Provides Link to Billing System to keep Customer Mailing and Contact Information Up-to-Date
Use XC2 Software as a GIS Data Source - Mapping Features
XC2 Software can provide links to your GIS Program
XC2 Software works with Google Maps, MapPoint® and MapQuest®

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